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Joseph Wolph, and his lifelong love of music performance and instruction, is the motivator for our foundation.


A ‘natural’ musician, Joseph began playing guitar as a teenager, and advanced quickly. Before graduation, he had already begun teaching others, and constructed his own guitar. After college, he was able to work in in his other lifelong passion, the automobile industry. Joseph was a salesman and digital media manager, who paid specific attention to performance vehicles.


Over time, Joseph’s guitar collection grew to dozens of high-quality instruments. And, he added both banjo and mandolin to his list of talents. He never failed to practice, was keen on the history of guitars, and genuinely enjoyed sharing his gifts with budding musicians.


Joseph passed away in 2020, at just 38 years old. Soon after, his family decided the best continuing tribute to him would be aid to local music programs. Far too often, high school music education is hampered by a lack of good instruments. The Joseph Wolph Foundation seeks to remove this obstacle by making financial gifts to music programs at the secondary level in our area.

Joseph With Guitar.jpg
Joseph Wolph with his Paul Reed Smith guitar
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