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Rita Bicknell

Mike Binder

Catherine Brown

John and Diane Bruce

Glenn and Susan Burris

Matt and Kim Foster

David and Sharon Gill

Steve and Cindy Hammond

Lisa Harper

Tim and Ciara Hartford

Amanda Hoff

Rene Huffman

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kinion

Frank Kinn 

Susan Leader

Sarah Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Magers

Terry Magers

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mella

Zoe and Family Mitchell

Lynda Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nye

Steve and Linda O'Dell

Jessica Peavler

Cindy Fennewald Peyton

Bina Pickett

Keith and Prudy Prescott

Judy Rader

Reineke Family Dealerships 

Dawn Roe

Mark Sica

John and Peg Souder

Glenda Stephens

Mary Taylor

Diana Thrush

Mr. and Mrs. David Uehlein

Carol Wangler

John and Janet Weihrauch

Cathy Williams

Christi Wolph

Dan and Karen Wolph

Daniel and Misty McKinney  Wolph

Jared Wolph

Mark and Marie Wolph

Vincent Wolph

Julie Wootton

Paula Young

Thank you to our anonymous donors


Fostoria High School Guitar Program:

$750, December 2021

Carey High School Guitar Program:

$500, December 2021

Fostoria High School Band Trip to Memphis, TN:

$1000, February 2022

Fostoria High School Band and Choir Musical, $50:

March 2022

Vanlue High School, Joseph Wolph-owned piano:

May 2022

Fostoria High School, percussion cabinet $1700:

November 2022

Liberty Benton High School,14 guitar cases:

$1400, February 2023

Fostoria Middle School Choir, 25 polo shirts:

$450, March 2023

Arcadia High School Band:

$100, July 2023

Fostoria High School Band, new drums and percussion instruments: $1,000, February 2024

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